Terms & Conditions

Company Policy must be accepted by all those who decided to order LSD in our online store.

LSD seller doesn’t predict results of researches and is not responsible for them.

All our consumers confirm using of LSD in research purposes ONLY.

All LSD seller clients confirm that LSD seller is not liable for any harm no matter direct it or incidental. They state that they are thoroughly responsible for appropriate use of LSD and confirm their knowing of a wide range of possible risks.

All consumers who want to buy LSD online in our store must be knowledgeable with various restrictions which exist in a number of countries. They agree to check the legal status of LSD in the country of their residence before they submit the order.

You certify you’re belonging to a group of researchers or scientists who are skillful enough to conduct experiments with LSD.

LSD seller is not engaged in manufacturing, supplying and selling prohibited research chemicals.

LSD seller leaves the right to make changes into the website parts and descriptions of research chemicals for sale in order to improve company’s work.