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1P-LSD or as it is also called 1P-LAD is a research chemical which is included into the category of hallucinogenic psychedelic drugs.

This substance belongs to lysergamide family.

Because of productiveness of 1P-LSD in the 5-HT2A receptors, the effects of the research chemical could be compared with 5-HT2A partial agonist effects. 1P-LSD straightly acts serotonin receptor agonist by its own.

1P-LSD requires conducting more researches for knowing its pharmacology better because there is no enough information about this designer drug.

Lots of consumers consider 1P-LSD as a legal alternative for LSD. They can easily buy 1P-LSD online from research chemical vendors. In our online store we offer only official research chemicals which are totally pure.

The difference between the 1P-LSD and LSD effects is almost invisible. Lots of consumers admitted that it is controversially that effects of 1P-LSD are similar to LSD. First of all, it is really important that 1P-LSD is not so toxic as LSD. Comparing 1P-LSD effects with other research chemicals, it is more likely 2C-B and 2C-I.

Among 1P-LSD effects it is worth mentioning impulsive tactile sensations, nausea, increase of tactile senses, pupil dilation, etc. Colors become brighter, appreciation of music increases. There is a disorganization of thoughts and even death of the person’s ego.

If you decided to buy 1P-LSD online, you have to be acquainted with its dosage. Actually, the toxic dose is not known yet, however, you have to be responsible concerning this question. It is a result of that fact that little is known about 1P-LSD.

1P-LSD is not included into the group of habit-forming drugs.

Speaking about 1P-LSD legal status, it is a legal designer drug in many countries worldwide which made it on a great demand nowadays.

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